Golden Badge for the most effective Police units

On Wednesday, July 10th, the Anti-Piracy Coalition (which includes Signal Association) awarded representatives of the Police units with honorary distinctions – Golden Badge – in recognition of their special commitment and effective fight against music, television and computer piracy.

This year the representatives of the creative sectors awarded four Police units with the Golden Badges.

  • Cyber Crime Unit of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Cracow and the Economic Crime Unit of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Cracow – in recognition of special achievements in combating the theft of the TV signal, the so-called sharing. The involvement and consistency of officers contributed to carrying out the so far largest operation to stop the illegal procedure of accessing subscriber card entitlements of paid satellite platforms via the Internet, which was used by approximately 1,600 recipients. Distinction of the Signal Association.
  • Economic and Corruption Crime Unit of Police District  Headquarters Warsaw VII – for special involvement in detecting crimes of copyright on computer programs on a large scale by business entities as well as for professionalism and insight in the collection and analysis of the evidence. BSA award.
  • Cyber Crime Unit of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Szczecin – for the effectiveness and ability to recognize the problem of phonographic piracy and its relationship with the illegal distribution of television signals. Award from The Society of the Phonographic Industry.

The award ceremony was held at the Police Headquarters in Warsaw with the participation of the Deputy Chief Police Commander  Kamil Bracha. The winners received the Golden Badge from the hands of Marek Staszewski (representative of the Society of the Phonographic Industry, ZPAV), Bartłomiej Witucki (BSA) and Teresa Wierzbowska (president of the Signal Association). The representatives of the Anti-Piracy Coalition were also accompanied by the singer, songwriter and composer Lanberry and actor Przemysław Sadowski.


Golden Badges are the honorary prizes of the Anti-Piracy Coalition, awarded annually to Police units in recognition of their merits in combating the theft of intellectual property and defending the copyright. The Anti-Piracy Coalition consists of three organizations: The Society of the Phonographic Industry (ZPAV), Signal Association and BSA | The Software Alliance.


THE ANTI-PIRACY COALITION was established in October, 1998. Its calling was to respond to the impunity of intellectual property pirates in Poland in the second half of the 1990s. The Coalition’s goal is to promote respect for the copyright and intellectual property. Currently, the Coalition consists of: The Society of the Phonographic Industry (ZPAV) – representing phonographic producers, the Signal Association – protecting the rights of television broadcasters, and BSA – an organization of computer software producers.