We effectively block codes for premium accounts

Actions under the “Follow the money” campaign are paying off! The number of offers to sell access codes to paid pirate websites continues to decline. This is possible thanks to the cooperation of the companies associated in Sygnal with Polish and foreign sales and advertising platforms.

– Thanks to constant monitoring and cooperation with the largest e-commerce platforms, since 2019 we have been observing a significant decrease in the number of new auctions and offers. It is more difficult to sell access to content on pirate websites with TV and VOD channels – comments Karolina Makowska, chairman of the Council of the “Follow the money” campaign of the Sygnal Association.

The sale of codes enabling access to premium accounts on pirate streaming services was most popular in 2017-2018. The systematic campaign of blocking such offers, carried out from the beginning of 2018, resulted in the elimination of this type of payment on websites that infringe the copyright of the associated companies.