41-years old arrested for cardsharing

Police Officers from the Cyber Crime Unit of the Rzeszów Regional Police Headquarters discontinued one more time the piracy dealings of illegal TV signal distribution. 41-years old from Mielec who illegally disseminated online TV programmes of the lawful digital platforms has been brought to justice for “sharing”.

Last week the police officers from Regional Police Headquarters in Rzeszów together with the officers from District Police Headquarters in Mielec carried out joint operations during which they have seized and secured devices used to transmit and receive stolen TV signal from the lawful paid TV platforms. Pursuant to the Act on the protection of some services provided by electronic means based on, or consisting of conditional access possession of the secured devices is forbidden in Poland. Mielec-born 41-years old has been arrested. There 10 set-top-boxes, 4 laptops, central unit with smart cards reader, chip cards and a significant amount of money.

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