600 users of illegal digital TV

Police officers intercepted 6 citizens of Turk for the violation of the Act on the protection of some services provided by electronic means by making available to their subscribers illegally shared TV signal. The investigation revealed to date over 600 users of this illegal software. The case is evolving. It has been alleged by the Konin’s Prosecutors there could be more subscribers to this service.

The District Prosecutors’ Office in Turek, police officers from District Police Headquarters in Turek and Cyber Crime Unit of Regional Police Headquarters in Poznań worked together on this case. Apparently the successful operational work of these bodies only proves the pronounced decrease in sales volume in digital TV sector.

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Zdemaskowano grupę okradającą Polsat i NC+. Sześć osób zatrzymanych, 600 zamieszanych!

Ponad 600 osób z Turku skorzystało z nielegalnej telewizji cyfrowej. Sprawę bada prokuratura