Copyright: Combating Pirated Content can be more effective

– If Poles enjoy watching motion picture films they should go to the cinema and if they like good television series they should watch them via legitimate television channels instead of giving thieves possibility to gain profit by making someone’s work available to the public. It is not like that those who cannot afford going to the movies or subscription to coded TV channels with attractive films and TV series have no access to this type of content. After some time the best movies and TV series are purchased by TV operators or reach the legitimate online services – highlights Łukasz Sternowski, Member of the Board of Sygnal Association in an interview with Mateusz Rzemek from “Rzeczpospolita”.

Once the Internet community realized the danger of using peer-to-peer systems watching the pirated content on streaming’s websites has become more popular. Recognizing these trends the Anti-Piracy organizations have adjusted their activities and developed relevant tools in order to combat this phenomenon – explains Łukasz Sternowski.

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