EC public consultation on the protection of intellectual property rights

The Sygnał Association submitted comments to the European Commission in the framework of public consultations of a document of the Roadmap type concerning the protection of intellectual property rights (Intellectual property action plan).

In its comments, the Sygnał indicates that with the progress of technological development, the challenges of piracy will increase. The Commission should analyse the existing solutions from the point of view of new technologies and offer right holders appropriate tools to enforce their rights in line with the current digital reality.

“One of the obstacles in the fight against piracy is the lack of a uniform legal system to enforce one’s rights. As a result of different implementation of the legislation by Member States, it is extremely difficult for right holders to find themselves in the legal space of individual countries. However, as the infringements are not only pan-European, but above all international in nature, it is important to be able to quickly and effectively block access to illegal content from the territory of the Member States in all Member States,” the Sygnał underlines in its position.


The full content of the comments is available HERE

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