Sygnał Association acts in favour of intellectual property rights of broadcasters, distributors, licensors, recipients of TV programmes and other multimedia content.
Police Operations

Police Shut Down an Illegal TV Signal Sharing Point: A 49-Ye...

Police officers from the Kraków district have shut down an illegal TV signal distribution point using the “sharing” method of two pay digital platforms, and detained a 49-year-old from Kraków. During the operation, which took place on June 25 this year, the infrastructure used for this procedure, located, among other things, in the suspect’s kitchen […]

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VI Scientific Conference ICT Crime XXI and PIKE Conference

On May 27-29, 2024, the 6th Scientific Conference entitled “ICT Crime XXI” was held at the Bohaterów Westerplatte Naval Academy in Gdynia. The event brought together experts from the fields of cyber security, law and technology to discuss the latest challenges and solutions to ICT crime. Speakers and Topics: Teresa Wierzbowska, President of the Sygnal […]

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Summary of the Past Year and Election of the Association Bod...

On March 20, 2024, the annual reporting General Meeting of Sygnał’s members was held, during which the activities of the association in the past year were summarized and the President, members of the Board of Directors, the Audit Committee and the Collegiate Court of the Sygnał Association were elected. A summary of Sygnał’s activities in […]

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Members of the Association