It’s time to implement the Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market

On May 25, a conference of the Creative Poland Association was held. “Directive on copyright in the digital single market – time to implement”, which was addressed by the President of Sygnal, Member of the Management Board of the Kreatywna Polska Association, Teresa Wierzbowska.

– In other European countries, the entity must respect if it receives information that the content belongs to another entity and should not be distributed. There are no laws in Poland which would effectively ensure this, said President Wierzbowska. As part of the presentation, she talked about three important content protection mechanisms at the intermediary level: blocking websites, cutting off funding sources, and notice and take down, notice and stay down procedures. She pointed out that without the implementation of the directive, authors will have higher operating costs related to content protection.

The aim of the conference was to remind that the directive should be implemented in Poland by June 7.