Media piracy

Fight Against Piracy

Multi-level actions against the pay – TV signal piracy further recognized as the IPR infringements call for commitment from many market participants and the government representatives. Measures to curb piracy are also subject to some conditions that include development and adoption of coherent strategy for combating the IP crime albo the theft of intellectual property as well as cooperation between the public and private sector.

Essential Activities for the Effective Fight Against Piracy

  • Consistent interventions of the rights holders, law enforcement  – police, Prosecutors’ Offices and courts.
  • Recognizing the problem by the representatives of Prosecutors’ Offices and judges, who often take their decisions acknowledging minor social harm in cases related to the theft of intellectual property.
  • Alignment of the Polish law or legal system with digital realities and its consistent enforcement.
  • Efficiency enhancement of the judicial process.
  • Improvement of international law enforcement cooperation.
  • Changing social attitudes toward piracy.
  • Realization of „Follow the Money” strategy – introduction of the new solutions to restrain unlawful service providers from gaining profits based on piracy,  cooperation with entities which allow the financing of pirates’ activities i.e. banks, mobile operators or advertisers. They are involved in a chain of funds provided to illegal online services and have a choice whether they want to support an unfair business or not.
  • The information campaign addressed to entities which cooperate with illegal services including advertisers, media houses and payment intermediaries.
  • Allowing access to the legal content and indicating one source of information on the legal forms of access to online video content. Education of the Internet users with low awareness of where to seek a legal content and which services distribute it unlawfully.