More police garrisons trained

120 police officers from Economic Crime Departments from police units in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie, Podlaskie and Wielkopolskie provinces were trained in April this year at a workshop organised by Sygnal in cooperation with the Police Headquarters.

The two-day meetings were held at the Police College in Szczytno and the Police School in Piła. During the training, Signal members discussed the specifics of TV content theft crimes on the internet, presented the association’s recent achievements, and described the extent of cooperation with law enforcement agencies and its effects.

The second part of the meeting consisted of practical workshops conducted in sub-groups by lecturers from the Department of Crime Studies of the Institute of Criminal Services of the Military University of Warsaw in Szczytno, i.e. Superintendent Marek Miałkowski, Commander Wojciech Warczak and Commander Paweł Tański. Marek Miałkowski, Cdr Wojciech Warczak and Cdr Paweł Tański. The subject of the workshop is the methodology of combating Internet piracy on the basis of real examples of illegal websites, operational and exploratory activities dedicated to combating this type of infringement and the application of criminal analysis to support cases.