On Piracy in Broadband TV News

The International Content Protection Summit received its coverage in “Broadband TV News” the International information provider.


The International Content Protection Summit is over

In the face of the cross-national piracy, an effective international cooperation of organisations, institutions and companies becomes essential, emphasised all participants of the Warsaw International Content Protection Summit – the Conference which has just finished. Although the scale of piracy is on the growth the last year’s experiences have proved there are effective ways of combating the illegal video content distribution.


The 21st Century Cybercrimes in the ICT Sector

“An Online streaming, a modus operandi, monetization, current trends” was the subject presented by Łukasz Sternowski,  Board Member of Sygnal Association, “The ICT Crime of XXI” held on the premises of  Maritime Academy in Gdynia (9-11 October, 2018).