“On the Fight against Piracy” in “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”

These are the ways the piracy is fought. Which actions are the most effective?

Łukasz Sternowski, Member of the Management Board: – The battle against piracy could resemble the Don Quixote’s fight against windmills. Once the media and creative sector had the new thought to protect their copyrights, they are followed by the criminals who do not want to give up.

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How to fight against piracy? Sternowski: The “Follow the Money” strategy produces results

– Within the „Follow the Money” strategy we reach the advertisers and persuade them not allocate their budgets in services that illegally disseminate the copyrighted content – pointed out Łukasz Sternowski, Member of the Board of Sygnal Association in an interview with Maciej Suchorabski from Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

Unfortunately, we will not achieve desired outcome unless we change local law. These services benefit from the liability exclusion as provided for by Polish legislation –they remove an illegal content after receiving an infringement’s notice. Our problem is that there is no obligation on the service’s administrator to control anyhow whether the given title reappears on the service – comments Łukasz Sternowski.

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