In Poland pirate VOD services are losing their popularity

In Poland, piracy is on the defensive. In an interview with Teresa Wierzbowska, president of the Sygnał Association dealing with the problem of TV/video piracy in Poland, argues that the data concerning Australia do not find analogies on our market.

Police Operations

Detention for three months for cardsharing

Police officers fighting economic crime from the  Provincial Police Headquarters in Olsztyn arrested a 49-year-old man suspected of cardsharing. For several years now, an inhabitant of the Mrągowo poviat has been illegally sharing access to the programs of paid digital platforms.


About counteracting cybercrime in Białowieża

On October 22-25, 2019 in Białowieża, members of the Sygnał Association participated in training workshops on counteracting cybercrime committed to the detriment of banks and their clients. The workshop was organized by the Provincial Police Headquarters in Białystok.


Infringements of personal rights on the Internet

While fighting against piracy on the Internet, members of the Sygnał Association often encounter the issues of protection of personal rights and legal entities and the issue of using the image of public figures.


The second edition of the conference in Ossa

On October 10-11 In Ossa near Rawa Mazowiecka took place a conference “Counteracting theft of television signal” co-organized by the Sygnał and the National Police Headquarters. During the second edition of the conference, more than a hundred policemen, prosecutors and representatives of the media market met to discuss the scale of piracy and how to combat it.


About “follow the money” at the ICC conference

Teresa Wierzbowska, the President of Sygnał presented speech during the conference of the Polish National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) concerning how effectively the advertising industry in Poland has regulated the issue of  money going to entities receiving revenues from illegal distribution of content on the Internet.