Golden Badge for the most effective Police units

On Wednesday, July 10th, the Anti-Piracy Coalition (which includes Signal Association) awarded representatives of the Police units with honorary distinctions – Golden Badge – in recognition of their special commitment and effective fight against music, television and computer piracy.


Signal at the conference “ICT Crime XXI.2”

The protection of the works on the Internet, card sharing, jurisdiction concerning the cutting off the pirate websites from funding sources are topics presented by the Signal Association during the scientific conference “ICT Crime XXI.2” at the Naval Academy in Gdynia on June 18th, 2019.


On combating piracy – Police School in Pila

The online theft of Intellectual Property Rights and TV signal was the subject of the seventh edition of Conference co-organized by Sygnal Association and held on April 10-11, 2019 in Piła’s Police School.


General Meeting of Sygnal’s Members

The International Content Protection Summit Conference, the Warsaw’s Declaration, conference in Ossa, trainings for 1011 participants, the “” program, cooperation with law enforcement, continuation of the „Follow the money” campaign – such was the year 2018 for Sygnal.

Police Operations

41-years old arrested for cardsharing

Police Officers from the Cyber Crime Unit of the Rzeszów Regional Police Headquarters discontinued one more time the piracy dealings of illegal TV signal distribution. 41-years old from Mielec who illegally disseminated online TV programmes of the lawful digital platforms has been brought to justice for “sharing”.

Police Operations

600 users of illegal digital TV

Police officers intercepted 6 citizens of Turk for the violation of the Act on the protection of some services provided by electronic means by making available to their subscribers illegally shared TV signal. The investigation revealed to date over 600 users of this illegal software. The case is evolving. It has been alleged by the Konin’s Prosecutors there could be more subscribers to this service.

Against Piracy

We took stock of the year 2018

Scaling up the Sygnal’s activities to international level was a priority last year. The key event therefore was organizing The International Content Protection Summit on international cooperation in combating the theft of audio-visual content. The Summit took place in Warsaw on 18-19 October, 2019 and resulted in adoption of “The Warsaw Declaration” – an agreement […]