News – a nationwide programe of trainings for the police and prosecutors

We have already been to 15 voivodeships ! On December 11, 2018 in Gdansk Regional Police Headquarters we have launched the nationwide programme of trainings addressed to the police and prosecutors called “”.  Based on the cooperation with the Polish National Police Sygnal Association will be conducting nationwide trainings on the online theft of Intellectual Property Rights and TV signal.

In cooperation with the National Police Headquarters Sygnal Association will be conducting the nationwide trainings on the online theft of Intellectual Property Rights and TV signal. During the training the Polish Police officers and Prosecutors will become familiar with activities of illegal streaming’s services and  will learn about the specific characteristics of a crime called “card sharing” i.e. an illegal sharing of the legitimate conditional access of subscriber’s digital TV smart card’s output data. Besides, the participants will become aware of the IPTV services and how to reach out to offenders in pirates’ cases based on the “follow the money” approach.

65 police officers and prosecutors took part in the first training in Gdansk. Each participant received a brochure “Kradzież treści TV w Internecie. Metodyka postępowania” (Online Content Theft. Investigative Methodology. ”created by Signal first and foremost to support the law enforcement officers.

In the framework of the project we have trained to date 694 police officers and prosecutors of 14 voievodoships.

3 December, 2019 – LUBLIN

19 November, 2019 – RZESZÓW

15 November, 2019 – KIELCE

17 October, 2019 – SZCZECIN

15 October, 2019 – ŁÓDŹ

4 July, 2019 – WARSZAWA

2 July, 2019 – RADOM

7 June, 2019 – KRAKÓW

19 April, 2019 – WROCŁAW

18 April, 2019 – OPOLE

15 March, 2019 – BYDGOSZCZ

25 February, 2019 – POZNAŃ

8 February, 2019 – GORZÓW WIELKOPOLSKI

29 January, 2019 – BIAŁYSTOK

25 January, 2019 – OLSZTYN

11 December, 2018 – GDAŃSK