Sygnał at the conference “ICT Crime XXI.2”

The protection of the works on the Internet, card sharing, jurisdiction  concerning the cutting off the pirate websites from funding sources are topics presented by the Sygnał Association during the scientific conference “ICT Crime XXI.2” at the Naval Academy in Gdynia on June 18th, 2019.

Teresa Wierzbowska, President of the Association, talked about research on the scale of piracy, website monitoring, exchange of experience and support of the law enforcement agencies in anti-piracy activities. The “Follow the money” campaign was brought closer to the conference participants by Agnieszka Rauch and Adrian Wojtaszek.

– We make the advertising market aware of how big losses for the economy the online piracy causes. The Reporting Table of Reported Violations includes websites that do not respond to reports of violations and persistently infringe the copyrights of companies – Agnieszka Rauch (TVN Group) said about the cooperation of member companies.

Adrian Wojtaszek (TVP) spoke about the brand safety – advertisers are increasingly expecting the possibility of controlling the environment in which they place their ads. They do not want their product to be associated with any illegal activity. This is done by monitoring video ads, which reduces pirate income.