Thank you for # stayingathome and watching legal VoD

“Thank you for # stayingathome and watching legal VoD” – this is how the leading Polish VoD platforms: Ipla, Player and TVP VOD want to thank all of those who choose legal sources during the quarantine and watch movies, series, concerts and other audiovisual content. The campaign is organized by the Sygnał Association.

During the time of closed cinemas, theaters, concert halls and other venues, the consumption of culture has largely moved into the Internet. VOD services offer has never been so attractive. Film productions go online immediately after their cinematic premiere, or even those that have never been released to cinemas due to quarantine! Legal VOD platforms are currently the best, fair and safe alternative for everyone who is forced to stay at home.

– On the occasion of announcements, we would like to remind you that by choosing legal sources we support Polish culture and Polish artists. This is especially important in the situation we are in today. Legal sources are also a guarantee of safety for recipients. By using proven sources, we do not expose ourselves to attacks by malware, stealing personal data or money – says Anna Słoboda, vice president of the Sygnał Association.

Trends in popular search engines in 2019 showed less interest in pirated video content among Polish Internet users. This phenomenon is influenced by the wider access to legal sources, the growing expectations as to the quality of the service and the increasing awareness of Internet users. Hence, thanks to those who stayed at home and chose to watch legal VoD.

The action is conducted on the platforms Ipla, Player, TVP VOD and is about broadcasting in the block of advertisements or self-promotion a short graphic animation with the campaign slogan “Thank you for #stayingathome and watching legal VOD” and logos of the participants of the action. In addition, static graphics will appear once on the social media channels Ipla, Player and TVP VOD.