We know what internet users think about piracy

44% of internet users have a negative or definitely negative attitude towards piracy of video content, and for 29% piracy is dangerous and unethical. Still, the most common association with piracy is free services (42%). According to the respondents, the most negative consequences related to the use of pirated websites are infection with malware (48%) and losses for authors (47%). This is the result of a survey for the Sygnal Association conducted on the Ariadna panel on April 2-5, 2021 on a nationwide sample of Internet users of 1,074 people aged 18 and over.

Previous analyzes concerning both the economic dimension of the theft of audiovisual content and social aspects related to the use of illegal content were carried out over 5 years ago. This year’s study made it possible to assess the qualitative changes in the attitudes of Internet users that have occurred during the last decade.

– On the one hand, the study showed that Internet users are being more aware of the dangers of using illegal sources, such as installing malware, stealing user data or extorting their money. In this respect, a radical increase of  the  awareness of these threats can be seen. On the other hand, the belief that pirated content is free is still dominant in the public perception, so many people still fall under the illusion that if they pay for something on the Internet, they get legal services. This belief is still widely used by online criminals – comments Teresa Wierzbowska, President of the Management Board of the Sygnal Association.