Workshop on demonetization of the piracy

Digital advertising is main source of the revenue for 90% of high-risk websites and apps offering pirated content. Blocking access to them is one approach. Another, equally important strategy is to prevent the placement of advertisements on this type of services – Said Peter Szyszko – British lawyer specializing in intellectual property and medical media, founder and CEO at White Bullet Solutions Limited, winner of the British Patent Office award in the field of technology and innovation.

Elżbieta Kondzioł from LOVEMEDIA, head of the Programmatic Working Group at IAB Polska, member of the substantive board of the Strategic Report Internet and Arbiter of the Advertising Ethics Committee, talked about the opportunities and threats of the programmatic model of ad purchase and the brand safety. Ensuring quality, security and evaluation in the programming services of the advertising purchase model on the market of services offered by the Programmatic Code of Good Practices of Advertising. – Signatories are required to comply with the principles set out in the Code and to apply technological solutions to increase the security of the advertising purchasing program. It is worth to co-create a safe, transparent programmatic ecosystem in Poland and remove from the market Entities using bad practices – E. Kondzioł encouraged cooperation under the Code of Good Practices .