About us


Sygnał Association acts in favour of intellectual property rights of broadcasters, distributors, licensors, recipients of TV programmes and other multimedia content. It organizes trainings and workshops, carries out various educational activities, makes reports and prepares positions on subjects related to the IP protection.

To date Sygnal has conducted ca 300 trainings for over 20 000 representatives of law enforcement agencies, including police officers from Economic Crime Units, prosecutors and police academies. We have also run a dozen or so workshops for the representatives of our members’ companies.

We initiate and conduct educational campaigns, prepare reports, analyses and positions.

Sygnal takes active part in legislation processes related to economically substantive provisions. We participate in the consultations on the follow the money regulations i.e. a strategy applied against the commercial manifestations of  IPRs’ infringements.

Sygnal has provided its members with possibility to cooperate and enhance effectiveness of video content theft prevention. Workshops and continuous cooperation allow for sharing experience and joint monitoring of market phenomena. We collaborate with other professional organisations pursuing the same goals.

One of the recent ongoing initiatives of the Association is campaign addressed to advertisers and media houses within the ‘Follow the Money’  approach considered both by the European Commission as well as the Council of Europe as the most effective tool to fight against commercial  distribution  of  illegal  content  online. Sygnał Association supports advertisers and media houses in making informed advertising spend decisions. Based on monitoring of advertisements displayed at certain illegally operating websites it prepares a Table of Reported Violations. Such actions make it possible to verify the scale of the problem on an ongoing basis and to obtain details of advertisers illegally distributing video content and of advertisements posted on such sites.