Educational activity

The educational activity

The Association carries out various educational and information activities addressed to different market participants involved in IP protection.We conduct trainings for law enforcement – police, Prosecutors’ Offices and judges. To date, Sygnał has provided many hundreds of trainings to several thousand representatives of law enforcement agencies.

  • Sygnał organises thematic workshops for the representatives of its members and cooperating institutions The workshops provide their participants with an opportunity to share experience and present best practices related to technological aspects of piracy and legal solutions.
  • The educational activity has been also addressed  to payment intermediaries and advertisers participating in a chain of financing illegal services online.
  • We try to reach the Internet users with information on legal sources of content and explain the mechanisms of illegal distribution of content.
  • We organize congresses and conferences as well as take  part in debates on the IP and copyright.
  • Sygnał prepares reports and analysis concerning theft of video content as well as examines the scale and causes of this phenomenon.
  • The Association realizes the educational campaigns on order to build public awareness of harmful social effects of piracy.
  • Sygnal supports different initiatives as for example ”Watch Legally” or the action in favor of fair advertisement i.e. the campaign that promotes to  allocation  of advertising budgets to law abiding services.