General Meeting of Sygnal’s Members

The International Content Protection Summit Conference, the Warsaw’s Declaration, conference in Ossa, trainings for 1011 participants, the “” program, cooperation with law enforcement, continuation of the „Follow the money” campaign – such was the year 2018 for Sygnal.

On March 20, 2019 the General Meeting of Members of Sygnal Association took place during which the annual activity report and annual financial statements were adopted.

Teresa Wierzbowska, President of Sygnal Association begins her speech with a summary of the most important event for preceding year – The International Content Protection Summit, i.e. the Conference held in Warsaw in October 2018 and dedicated to international cooperation in combating the theft of audio-visual content with the signature of the “Warsaw Declaration” agreement for the future cooperation by 35 organizations, institutions and companies.

The ICPS constitutes one of the elements of an international antipiracy front. Looking for more effective methods of combating the theft of television content creates an international antipiracy coalition and activities addressed to other countries.

Year 2018 was also the year with other important Sygnal’s initiatives: in cooperation with the National Police Headquarters organizing the Ossa’s Conference dedicated to piracy, training for 1011 participants, workshops for the members’ companies of Sygnal, projecting voices on challenges related to audio-visual market and the piracy combat, taking part in discussions on the protection of the intellectual property rights.

In December 2018 Sygnal has launched the nationwide programme of trainings addressed to the police and prosecutors called “”.  Based on the cooperation between the Polish National Police Headquarters and Sygnal Association we will be conducting nationwide trainings on the online theft of Intellectual Property Rights and TV signal. 6 trainings have taken place to date.

Sygnal’s Members habitually cooperate with law enforcement and in 2018 facilitate several police operations that target perpetrators engaged in illegal streaming and cardsharing on the Internet.

In 2018 Sygnal continued to undertake activities within the frame of the “Follow the money” campaign and a black list of copyright infringements was constantly updated. Media houses and associations representing common activities of advertisers, their agents and the media joined the action.