Sygnał Association acts in favour of intellectual property rights of broadcasters, distributors, licensors, recipients of TV programmes and other multimedia content.

It’s time to implement the Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market

On May 25, a conference of the Creative Poland Association was held. “Directive on copyright in the digital single market – time to implement”, which was addressed by the President of Sygnal, Member of the Management Board of the Kreatywna Polska Association, Teresa Wierzbowska. – In other European countries, the entity must respect if it […]

Against Piracy

We know what internet users think about piracy

44% of internet users have a negative or definitely negative attitude towards piracy of video content, and for 29% piracy is dangerous and unethical. Still, the most common association with piracy is free services (42%). According to the respondents, the most negative consequences related to the use of pirated websites are infection with malware (48%) and losses for authors (47%).

Police Operations

A final judgment in Białystok as a warning to the pirates!

A 25-year-old who illegally distributed thousands of films on the Internet and charged fees for watching them has to pay the copyright owners over  47 million zloty. The Court of Appeal in Białystok upheld the sentence of first instance, which sentenced him to a suspended year in prison.


The annual General Meeting

On April 15  the annual General Meeting of the Members of the Sygna Association was held with the use of electronic communication means. President Teresa Wierzbowska, on behalf of the Management Board, presented the meeting with a report on the activities of the association for 2020. The pandemic has restricted some of the activities. Since […]

Members of the Association