Sygnał Association acts in favour of intellectual property rights of broadcasters, distributors, licensors, recipients of TV programmes and other multimedia content.
Police Operations

Criminal charges for control word sharing

A 34-year-old resident of Wałbrzych County illegally split the subscription for paid television. The man has already heard the charge. For the crime he may go to prison for 3 years. The case is a developing one.


It’s time to implement the Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market

On May 25, a conference of the Creative Poland Association was held. “Directive on copyright in the digital single market – time to implement”, which was addressed by the President of Sygnal, Member of the Management Board of the Kreatywna Polska Association, Teresa Wierzbowska. – In other European countries, the entity must respect if it […]

Against Piracy

We know what internet users think about piracy

44% of internet users have a negative or definitely negative attitude towards piracy of video content, and for 29% piracy is dangerous and unethical. Still, the most common association with piracy is free services (42%). According to the respondents, the most negative consequences related to the use of pirated websites are infection with malware (48%) and losses for authors (47%).

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