The annual General Meeting

On April 15  the annual General Meeting of the Members of the Sygna Association was held with the use of electronic communication means.

President Teresa Wierzbowska, on behalf of the Management Board, presented the meeting with a report on the activities of the association for 2020. The pandemic has restricted some of the activities. Since March, training for law enforcement agencies has been discontinued. The participation of Signal members in police activities has been limited. It was also not possible to organize the next editions of the conferences in Piła and Ossa.

In such a situation, the Signal undertook the task of creating an online course on the training platform that could be used by police officers. The idea was approved by the Police Headquarters. Work on the course was completed at the turn of December 2020 and January 2021. In the report, President Wierzbowska also spoke about the action “Thank you for # staying home and watching legal VoD”, the continuation of the “Follow the money” campaign and the participation of Sygna in public consultations. Łukasz Sternowski, Member of the Management Board, discussed most succesfull raids and the most important court judgments regarding control wortd sharing and illegal broadcasting of television broadcasts. The financial report on the activities for 2020 was presented by the treasurer Jakub Kupniewski.

The annual Meeting of Members unanimously approved the report on the activities and financial statements of the Sygnal Association for the year 2020, and also granted a vote of approval to the Management Board for the past year.