The General Meeting of Members of the Sygnał

On 17 June 2020. The General Meeting of Members of the Sygnał Association once again entrusted Teresa Wierzbowska with the function of President of the Board. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the meeting scheduled for March did not take place. Due to the common safety, with precautions taken, yesterday’s meeting was attended mainly by representatives of member companies.

President Wierzbowska summarized the activities of the Association in the previous term of office, and outlined the tasks facing the Sygnał. – In recent years, we have focused on those methods of combating theft of the TV signal that are most effective in the current legal framework. Their measurable effects show us the direction of further actions in the upcoming term. We are developing and will continue to develop our activities related to the “follow the money” concept, which consists in hindering the financial benefits from illegal content distribution. We plan to further develop our international activities in this respect, e.g. by supporting European Commission initiatives. The basic scope of the Association’s activity is still cooperation with law enforcement agencies, but nowadays we will focus on more frequent use of modern technology in training and education – announced the President of Sygnał.

The General Meeting of Members granted a vote of approval to the outgoing Board and chose its new composition. Apart from Teresa Wierzbowska (Cyfrowy Polsat), the Board was composed of: Anna Słoboda, Karolina Makowska (both TVN), Anna Łuczyńska (HBO), Jakub Kupniewski, Zbigniew Taraś (both CANAL+ platforms), Adrian Wojtaszek (TVP) and Łukasz Sternowski (Cyfrowy Polsat). Members of the Audit Committee were granted to Dariusz Działkowski (Cyfrowy Polsat), Agnieszka Niburska, Marek Chmielewski (both HBO) and Bronisława Maślanka (TVP). To the Peer Court, the following were chosen Ernest Hetman (TVN), Adam Świderski (HBO) and Tomasz Szymula (Cyfrowy Polsat).