White Bullet from Great Britain joins the “Follow the money” campaign

White Bullet, a British company dealing with the protection of intellectual property and brand security on the Internet, joined the educational campaign of Sygnal “Follow the money”. This is an action under which, since 2017, the association, incl. provides advertisers with lists of infringing sites.

Both organizations declared a joint fight to protect intellectual property on the Internet by demonetizing pirated websites and preventing their financing from advertising. As part of the agreement, White Bullet will track advertisements financing piracy on Polish websites and estimate pirate revenues.

Sygnal‚’s cooperation with White Bullet began in December 2019. Peter Szyszko, founder and CEO of White Bullet Solutions Limited, a lawyer specializing in intellectual property and digital media, winner of the British Patent Office Award for Technology and Innovation, led the Signal Internet piracy demonetization workshops.

The “follow the money” strategy, which assumes the implementation of activities aimed at cutting off the sources of financing of websites distributing content without the consent of rights owners, is currently indicated by the European Commission as the most effective tool in the fight against piracy of audiovisual content.

As part of the campaign, Sygnal conducts regular monitoring of illegal websites, creates mechanisms and tools that help to consciously allocate advertising budgets to websites operating in accordance with the law, participates or initiates meetings devoted to implementing this concept.

Comprehensive implementation of the assumptions of “follow the money” requires the cooperation of all participants of the advertising market and constant monitoring of the phenomenon, which will allow a better understanding of the specificity of financial flows to websites operating against the law.