The International Content Protection Summit is over

In the face of the cross-national piracy, an effective international cooperation of organisations, institutions and companies becomes essential, emphasised all participants of the Warsaw International Content Protection Summit – the Conference which has just finished. Although the scale of piracy is on the growth the last year’s experiences have proved there are effective ways of combating the illegal video content distribution.

During the Conference held in Warsaw on the 18th and 19th October 2018 the speakers and the participants brought an overview of the scale of piracy in the European countries including Central and East Europe, global perspective, as well as the countermeasures applied in various markets including Ukraine, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Russia and Denmark. The speakers shared their experiences in combating piracy in Spain and Italy and presented legal and operational aspects of their operations as well as provided examples of extremely effective actions undertaken internationally by the Italian and Spanish Police.  The second day of the Conference was a setting for closed-door discussions. The experts discussed the  best practices related to combating piracy as well as the possibilities and prospects of strengthening international cooperation.

– Despite the adoption of Directives the existing legal vacuum and lack of full implementation of provisions allow for illegal activities on such a scale – emphasized the attendees of the Conference.

Combating online piracy requires various measures applied in many fields. The most fundamental role plays legislation, comprising both the new provisions as well as the implementation of the existing Directives – noted participants  of the Conference. It is necessary to establish solutions to prevent dishonest service providers from drawing financial benefits from their business. Activities carried out under the “Follow the Money” strategy and based on website blocking have proven to be a good example of these activities. Liability of intermediaries – hosting providers, domain name registrars, social media platforms is one of the key issues. It has been agreed that both international and local cooperation between the private sector, organizations, institutions and governmental authorities  is of great importance.

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